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Search Engine Optimization

Experience, White Hat SEO & Determination = Top Search Engine Placement

Thorough Optimization

Optimizing your content for search engines is the smartest way to advertise for free. By letting our SEO experts optimize your website properly, you can gain quality page ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN without ever giving them a dime. Our search engine optimization experts understand the factors that affect search engine performance and have obtained this knowledge through education and experience in building 100s of sites.

In-depth Research

We don’t just build Meta tags for your web pages. We analyze your competition using SEO software tools, structure your site in a way that is convenient for search engines to query data, build site maps and robots that speak to the search engines and provide instructions/ information as they query your site, submit your site map and web pages to the search engines, use search engine friendly coding and page naming techniques.

Why SEO & SEM?

Although paid advertising can be beneficial in producing immediate results, the results obtained are usually short term requiring a continued ongoing investment for achieving ongoing results. Unlike paid advertising which produces a relatively consistent return on investment over time, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are geared for producing long term benefits while improving ROI over time.

If your website is not generating leads on its own, chances are it has not been optimized properly for search engines or not at all. SEO provides targeted visibility for your business through non-paid mediums including organic search engine results. Obtaining maximum exposure through non-paid mediums requires the following SEO techniques:

Onsite SEO

Initial market research, content analysis and proper content structure ensures that search engines understand your business objectives, view your online presence as visitor friendly, informative and most importantly authoritative within your industry.

Offsite SEO

Inbound link creation through vertical markets and other relevant resources to generate buzz for your business and increase popularity within the online community, resulting in higher search engine page rank or popularity as viewed by search engines. Incorporating proper SEO strategies into your website ensures that search engines will understand your business, visit your site frequently, but more importantly, index all of your website’s pages as authoritative in satisfying user search criteria.

SEO (Broad Scale / GEO Targeting)

Depending on your business, it may make more sense to target a specific geography. If your objective is to obtain clientele mainly within New York, then your site would be best optimized for searches relevant to New York. The more local your target audience, the less competition you’ll have and the easier it will be to obtain high visibility in search engines. Marketing on a broader level or nationwide requires ongoing offsite optimization for continually improving and/or maintaining page rank as there will be much more competition.

SEO (Ethical vs. Unethical)

Black Hat – Don’t be fooled by SEO firms that promise results overnight! Firms magically producing first page rank nationwide over a short period of time are more often than not utilizing techniques designed to trick search engines into thinking your site is more popular than it really is. These techniques are commonly referred to as Black Hat SEO. Search engines frown up sites that attempt to trick their algorithms and utilizing these techniques will eventually catch up with you and get your site permanently banned.

Ethical SEO (White Hat) – Similar to exercise, achieving optimum results is not going to happen overnight. Our comprehensive understanding of the rules set forth by the major search engines along with our utilization of White Hat optimization techniques provides steadily increased visibility with long term benefits and without raising any red flags.

SEO Procedure

Phase I – Onsite SEO

1.) Business & Website Evaluation – Become familiar with your business, business objectives, target audience, existing website (if applicable) and level of competition.
2.) Overall Assessment – Estimate the level of optimization necessary for achieving your goals.
3.) Market Research – Perform market research to determine the most effective way to achieve the greatest impact.
4.) Site Optimization – Incorporate market research, White Hat optimization techniques and if applicable updated website content / structure.
5.) SE Submission – Setup web master tools with Search Engines and initiate crawling and indexing of your updated content.

Phase II – Offsite SEO

1.) Performance Analysis – Provide monthly reports detailing page rank performance and ongoing progress with Google, Yahoo & MSN for various search terms and targeted regions.
2.) Maintenance – Implement Offsite SEO techniques to continually promote your business, increase online visibility and steadily improve page rank with major search engines. Implement Onsite SEO updates to ensure that your site remains competitive for your market.

SEO Results

Major search engines such as Google utilize over 100 proprietary algorithms in determining the validity of your site as well as your websites page rank. In the end, search engines use these algorithms to ultimately decide when to retrieve updates made to your site as well as decide how to rank your site. For this reason alone, no one can guarantee with any certainty, search engine performance in relation to time or page rank. Unless your website has previously been banned by search engines in the past, chances are you will receive favorable results with SEO.

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