Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a short list of the questions we are asked most frequently by our clients. If you don’t see an answer to your question, please contact us!

Why is it important to have a website?

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a well established business, having a web site enables you to efficiently reach your potential market. In today’s economy, a majority of business is performed on the World Wide Web. Having a website opens doors for your business providing increased revenue potential, additional exposure, improved efficiency and enhanced communications with your existing and potential clients.
How much does a web site cost?

There are no predefined fees for building a web site per say. Costs are determined based on project requirements. There is no minimum cost for us to except a web design project and will work with anyone regardless of their budget. Your free consultation allows us to understand your overall objectives, discuss factors that affect cost and provide a proposal within a few days detailing all project requirements, deliverable(s) and the costs associated with each item.

How are development costs determined?

Estimates vary based on project requirements, however are mostly determined by number of hours necessary in fulfilling all requirements. Quantifiable factors that affect cost include.

  • Web page content

  • Cosmetic detail

  • Content optimization

  • Web page complexity

  • Custom programming

  • Custom graphics/ flash

  • Search engine optimization

  • Number of languages

What are prerequisites for having an online store?

  • Shopping cart – We offer a variety of shopping cart solutions and will present the solution that most closely meets project requirements.

  • Merchant Payment Gateway – Receives payment submissions from your site and initiates transfer of funds between your merchant processor and your bank.

  • Merchant Account – Handles the transfers of funds from your customer’s credit card company to your checking account.

  • Company Tax ID – Required for processing online payments.

  • Corporate Checking Account – Receives payments deposited by your merchant payment provider.

  • SSL Certificate – Assures your customers that your website is safe and secure.

  • Domain name – Internet location of your website i.e. your-online-store.com

  • Hosting account – Web site storage and email management control panel providing access to your site and email.

  • All prerequisites mentioned above can be provided by us.

What e-commerce systems do you use?

We have built e-commerce sites for a wide variety of industries and services. As a result, we have worked with many various 3rd-party e-commerce solutions so our expertise does not rely with any one e-commerce system. Any solution we provide will be determined based on your product and/or service offering, website requirements and customer expectations.

How scalable are your e-commerce solutions?

The e-commerce solutions we provide are scalable to meet the needs of any size business. Many of our client’s web sites have grown to over 100,000 registered users with monthly sales exceeding 250k per month in overall transactions.

Do you provide custom programming for e-commerce solutions?

Yes. If after extensive research, we determine that your project requires custom features not found in any 3rd party application, we will lean towards an open source (non proprietary) solution that most closely resembles the overall objective and then proceed with custom programming to tailor the application and satisfy the remaining project requirements.

Are your e-commerce solutions search engine friendly?

Yes. All of the e-commerce solutions we utilize are search engine friendly and allow search engines to query the content provided.

What steps can be taken to drive sales to my site once my site once it is launched?

  • Competitive Analysis: Using advanced tools, we perform an in depth analysis of competitor websites prior to optimizing your web site.

  • Site Optimization: Optimize your web pages by using proper page naming techniques, robots, site maps and Meta information to assist major search engines with indexing.

  • Search Engine Submission: Hand submissions of all your web pages and site map to major search engines for prompt indexing.

  • Performance Analysis: Monthly search engine updates and analysis to improve ranking for your web pages.

  • Campaigns: Pay Per Click Campaign management for more aggressive marketers.

  • Cross Linking: Cross link with other web sites than can help deliver traffic to your site.

What is custom software?

Custom software is a custom program written to perform a specific set of functions that cannot be satisfied in an off-the-shelf type product and are custom suited to fit specific requirements. We develop custom software for both online (web site) and offline (Mac/PC) use.

I require a custom software application, how do we begin?

A free consultation is provided to you to discuss the project objectives. Once we understand the process to be performed, you will be provided with a proposal detailing all aspects of the development including costs.

Can I choose the programming languages and/or databases used in developing the application?

Yes. We do provide flexibility, however we will our own incite as well in order to ensure requirements are met a robust solution is provided.

What hosting package should I choose?

We recommend starting out with the Universal hosting package that includes plenty of resources and is sufficient for long term use with most websites.

How well does your hosting service deal with SPAM?

Spam is a nuisance for all of us, and for some it causes serious and costly disruptions to their Web enterprises. At E-Wiz we are not sitting around letting the spammers call the shots. Your first line of attack is our mail filters, which selectively bounce messages, based on the content of an e-mail’s headers. For more power, we provide SpamAssassin which scans your incoming mail and determine the probability of a mail message being spam. As a result, the majority of clients who have switched their hosting & email service to E-Wiz have notice a significant reduction in spam. Last but not least, we have a superior anti-virus application which scans all your incoming mail ensuring that you are well protected against attacks.

How reliable is your hosting and email service?

Our hosting and email service is second to none. We guarantee 99.9% up-time and all services are monitored 24/7. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the performance of our services and include a 60 day full refund policy.

I am not happy with my existing provider’s service, can I switch to E-Wiz?

Yes. If you are currently experiencing issues with your existing hosting provider than you have come to the right place. Not only will you be completely satisfied with our service, we will also assist you in migrating your web site and email accounts to our servers for free. This process usually takes between 24 and 48 hours.

For additional information on our hosting packages including features and prices, please visit our Web Hosting Page.

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